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Brasil R SG Diadora SNR

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The football Boots Brasil R SG are part of the new line football TO 2016/17 of the brand Diadora and stand for class and practicality, combined into a single solution high-level.

A soccer shoe that lets you feel a comfortable fit, and durable in the time.

Brasil R SG is the shoe to use over a natural terrain soft (Sg) made it particularly heavy, wet and muddy from rain and bad weather with high grass.

Thanks to their cleats in aluminium, the football Boots Brasil R SG guarantee an optimal performance in grip and stability.


Data sheet

Upper in faux leather
Technology Suprellsoft Water Resistant
Fabric lining antistretch lining and rear non-slip fabric.
Insole with flex points in the area of the forefoot.
Sole SG for natural soils are wet or muddy