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Dribling Futsal SNR Joma

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Model developed using hard-wearing materials, making them suitable for any type of playing field. Anywhere can be a football pitch.
High quality fibertec and nylon upper for breathability. Reinforced toe-cap to protect the foot from external impacts, PROTECTION system and VTS ventilation system allowing for greater airflow, keeping foot temperature constant.
Smooth EVA insole improving the shoe's cushioning by absorbing foot strike impact. Texon midsole.
The sole is made of extremely high-quality rubber with three densities, the hardest towards the centre and rear allowing for greater safety upon impact. The most stable rubber has been used in the central section to promote stability. The lightest rubber has been used in the front section to allow for faster and safer movement. A sewn upper and with a lower height allows for excellent flexibility and ball strike sensation. It also includes the ROTATION system, a geometric structure located on the sole assisting rotatory turns. It prevents injuries mainly to the knee and ankle.