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Super Regate Futsal SNR Joma

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Model using modern design elements providing maximum flexibility.
Upper manufactured using microfiber, nylon and TPU inserts over nylon to protect against chafing. It includes PROTECTION technology at the toecap to reinforce its resistance and stability for striking. It has VTS ventilation system allowing breathability and greater airflow within the shoe.
Pre-shaped EVA lining insole that adjusts to the shape of the foot. Insole manufactured using natural EVA contributing to the shoe's cushioning by absorbing foot strike impact.
Midsole made of high-quality and durable Phylon with flexible grooves throughout the surface.
Sole made using DURABILITY technology, that thanks to its highly resistant rubber, slows down wear and tear and extends the working life of the shoe. The sole has a series of flex lines using Flexo technology, consisting of ergonomically designed lines providing enhanced transition from heel to toe at every step. At the heel they only allow the sole to flex, without affecting the upper, thus providing a better grip and allowing for a more natural and comfortable tread.